Credit Card and Merchant Card Services:

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   Security and Technology offers the same pricing to smaller merchants that are offered to major chains and those with massive buying power.
   We offer the most competitive credit card processing rates in the country along with the latest technology solutions in card processing devices.
   We deliver solutions for conducting business transactions in a secure infrastructure with intelligence and insight for our merchants.

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It’s More Than Saving Money

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   In addition to saving merchants money, we assist businesses with growing their customer base by implementing gift and loyalty card programs. If your business has never used gift or loyalty cards, you could be missing opportunities for increased sales, loyal customers, enhanced profits and happier customers returning to your business time after time.
    Our mission is to provide credit and debit/check card processing services and processing equipment in addition to
gift, prepaid, and EBT cards and check processing systems,  to businesses throughout the United States.

Why Process Credit Cards with US

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*12-Hour Funding Available
*No Setup Or Application Fees
*NoHidden Fees
*Integrated Hardware and Web Interfaces
  to -Manage Payments
*Gift and Loyalty Cards
*FREE EMV Credit Card Terminal
*Rates from $0.05 Per Transaction
*In-House Support and Training

Accept Payments that Sync with QuickBooks ®

Save time, Make money, and grow your business by taking payments natively in QuickBooks® with our custom-designed applications. Because, as a business owner, your time is worth a lot.

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Mobile payments
Free EMV Terminal
Lightning Mobile works with any iOS or Android device.
It’s as simple as tapping the sale button, entering in an amount and swiping the card.
The sale is then approved and stored natively within QuickBooks.
Lightning Mobile is great for merchants who need to accept credit cards on-the-go
Save time and increase your cash flow with Recurring Billing and Electronic Invoicing – the all-in-one solution
Set up recurring billing in under a minute & start accepting recurring payments today!
ReCharge is a safe and secure way to setup recurring payments, built with 256 encryption, ensuring safe keeping.
Claim your FREE EMV Terminal when you open a merchant procesing account with us.
Credit Card Fraud liability is shifting to you. In order to reduce card fraud, the associations have authorized a liability shift that will be implemented and enforced by October, 2015.
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*Stop over paying on your processing fees.
*Stop waiting days (or even weeks!) to get your funds.
*Process payments quickly and safely and get your cash flow moving with our 12-hour funding.

We will pay you $500 if we can't beat your current rates!

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